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Small to medium sized business constitute the bread and butter of every insurance sector, as well as the bedrock of every growing economy.

For our clients with turnovers below $50,000,000, our service offering is second to none region wide. Small clients are usually the focus of smaller insurance brokers or providers resulting in limited service offerings, higher premium cost, and inadequate claims services.

With Crescent Global, you receive quality service, peace of mind, and the best insurance coverage available at the best possible price.

Here’s why:

Crescent is traditionally a top 3 insurance player in every market it operates in. That means we purchase tens of millions of dollars worth of insurance on behalf of our corporate clients which results in superior purchasing power that cannot be matched by smaller players.

Crescent works with some of the largest multinational organizations in the region offering everything from insurance advice to enterprise risk management which means we have on staff some of the best industry specific expertise in the region. This know how is subsequently passed on for the benefit of our SME and middle market clients at no extra cost.

Crescent enjoys strong relationships with most local and multinational insurance carriers. When our clients have claims, they benefit from the priority service Crescent receives from its partner carriers that local brokers simply don’t receive.

Access to benchmarking and best in industry insurance practices accumulated by Crescent through the regular services of companies in your sector or industry around the region or internationally.

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